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What’s the buzz with Klout

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As we’ve been working to increase traffic and awareness of Geared, we recently came across Klout in our web searches on “The Google”.  Klout measures influence online.  When you create content or engage, you impact others.  Klout analyzes that impact to find your Klout Score, influential topics, and your influences.

Klout uses data from social networks in order to measure your score and your influence.  Influence is the ability to drive action.  It happens in real-time and in a given topic.  You influence others when you convince your friends to go see a movie, share your favorite YouTube video, or start a discussion about the upcoming election.

Klout is currently in beta but looks to be very promising.  Using social media to help drive traffic to your website, landing pages, product pages, etc, is a huge way to help increase sales and awareness of your product or service. Klout encourages interaction in the social media realm to further your outreach – at least that is what helps you achieve a higher score.  It appears to be a great service to help measure your influence with social media.  If your trying to improve your interaction or even monitor the efforts of your social media team, we suggest you check out.

New Client: Side by Side Kids

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Side by Side Kids, based out of Austin Texas has recently joined our growing list of clients. We’re excited to help them redesign and code a new named and branded organization.

About Side by Side Kids
Formally Community New Start, Side by Side Kids’ mission is to equip and challenge students to strive for excellence as they live purposely and intelligently in the service of God and man while developing cross-cultural partnerships that focus on under-resourced communities.

Side by Side Kids focuses on helping make the life of kids on the East side of Austin better by providing after school programs that keep children engaged in their school work and provide character building skills and resources to help better the life of children.

New Client: Dane’s Body Shop

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Dane’s Body Shop, based out of Austin Texas has recently joined our growing list of clients. We’re excited to assist them with their email and other marketing campaigns.

About Dane’s Body Shop
Hip to Austin’s unique style, Dane’s Body Shop is helping people redefine the way they think about fitness and holistic health. You will find every fitness favorite here, including: Yoga, Pilates, Strength and Conditioning-Boot Camp, Nutrition Seminars and a Fusion Training program all taught by well educated and remarkably talented teachers and fitness coaches.

Work your body’s functional movements with strength and conditioning exercises one day of the week and find your Chi with Yoga on another day. Mix n Match or stick with what you like the most, but be ready to open your eyes to Fitness Synergy at Dane’s Body Shop.

New Client: Quik Print

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Quik Print, based out of Austin Texas has recently joined our growing list of clients. We’re excited to assist them with their direct mail and email marketing campaigns.

We’re excited to be working with everyone at Quik Print.

About Quik Print
Quik Print is a complete source for all business communication needs with 5 Austin area locations to serve you. They continue to evolve as a diversely skilled, fast-moving team of professionals ready to learn from each other and meet whatever challenges their clients may face. With dedicated and personal sales reps, they ensure your print and other productions needs arrive as planned and look professional no matter how big or small the job.

New Client: Sew Much More

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Sew Much More, based out of Austin Texas has recently joined our growing list of clients.  We’re excited to assist them with their web and email marketing campaigns as well taking on some of their additional print needs.

We’re excited to be working with Ron and Barbara and the rest of the folks at Sew Much More.

About Sew Much More
Sew Much More was founded in Austin by Ron and Barbara Goldkorn in 1984.  Well known as a Baby Lock and Elna dealer, the store has won many awards.  Soon after becoming a Bernina dealer, Sew Much More was inducted into the Bernina Century Club which boasts the country;s largest and most respected Bernina dealers.  While its man focus is quilting and embroidery-related items, Sew Much More also offers a wide variety of sewing and serger accessories, add-ons, notions and machines.

Portfolio: Share Air Redesign

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Enviromedia contacted Geared Creative to help them develop a new website in the WordPress platform for Texas Department of State Health Services.  Their previous site was built using individual html files and didn’t include a way for their staff members to make changes to the website.  We helped Enviromedia develop their designs into a multi-language website that includes rotating flash banners, rollover images, video and other media, all built around a WordPress CMS.

The development provided some interesting challenges as we had to develop a solution that allowed us to integrate rollover functionality as well as serve up random flash banners that were separate from the English and Spanish versions of the website as well as enable the user to be able to switch back and forth from English and Spanish no matter what page the user was on.  We learned a lot of new things from the development of this project and we had a great time working with the folks at Enviromedia on it too.

View the Site

Making the Proposal Work

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What are you using to make your proposal work?

We have recently been working to acquire new business and have started to rethink our proposal process. It’s something that many companies, plain and simple, just hate doing. It requires a ton of thought and a through understanding of the client and their needs. And for us, it really pushes us to stay within the client’s budget while providing them the best possible service and solution for their needs. We usually work with our clients and help them think outside (and even inside) the box about how we can exceed their expectations. But at times, this comes at a price – not only fiscally but timely – all in terms of preparing the proposal.

How have you perfected your proposal process? Is it set in stone or ever changing?

The Smart Law Firm joins our client list

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We’re excited to announce that The Smart Law Firm is the newest addition to our client list. The Smart Law Firm came to Geared Creative looking for a new logo, paper system and website design. We’re excited to partner with Jennifer and her team and look forward to working together on their new venture.

The Smart Law Firm serves the state of Texas with offices in Round Rock and Austin. We’re working to get their website up and running soon. Check back for more information.

And We’re Live

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From all of us here at Geared Creative, we’re excited to announce that we have finally launched the new website. We’re still making a few tweaks here and there but we feel like it gives a good impression of what we do here at Geared. If have any questions about any of the material that you see here, don’t hesitate to contact us.