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Enviromedia contacted Geared Creative to help them develop a new website in the WordPress platform for Texas Department of State Health Services.  Their previous site was built using individual html files and didn’t include a way for their staff members to make changes to the website.  We helped Enviromedia develop their designs into a multi-language website that includes rotating flash banners, rollover images, video and other media, all built around a WordPress CMS.

The development provided some interesting challenges as we had to develop a solution that allowed us to integrate rollover functionality as well as serve up random flash banners that were separate from the English and Spanish versions of the website as well as enable the user to be able to switch back and forth from English and Spanish no matter what page the user was on.  We learned a lot of new things from the development of this project and we had a great time working with the folks at Enviromedia on it too.

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