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What’s the buzz with Klout

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As we’ve been working to increase traffic and awareness of Geared, we recently came across Klout in our web searches on “The Google”.  Klout measures influence online.  When you create content or engage, you impact others.  Klout analyzes that impact to find your Klout Score, influential topics, and your influences.

Klout uses data from social networks in order to measure your score and your influence.  Influence is the ability to drive action.  It happens in real-time and in a given topic.  You influence others when you convince your friends to go see a movie, share your favorite YouTube video, or start a discussion about the upcoming election.

Klout is currently in beta but looks to be very promising.  Using social media to help drive traffic to your website, landing pages, product pages, etc, is a huge way to help increase sales and awareness of your product or service. Klout encourages interaction in the social media realm to further your outreach – at least that is what helps you achieve a higher score.  It appears to be a great service to help measure your influence with social media.  If your trying to improve your interaction or even monitor the efforts of your social media team, we suggest you check out.

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